🧘  What is PoseAlert.com?

PoseAlert.com is a web application trying to help you maintain correct posture while sitting. Just sit up straight, press Calibrate and you will get notified by a beep if you don't hold your position for a period of time.

🕵️  Is it private?

Yes! No video or image leaves your computer. All the processing happens in your browser.

⚙️  Usage

The usage is simple, just press Calibrate to remember your correct posture and PoseAlert.com will check periodically, if you still hold your correct position.

You can use shortcuts for convenience: Press c to Calibrate or m to toggle audio.


There is a pie chart in the bottom-left corner of the screen, which is your pose history. Green marks a correct posture, red an incorrect posture and yellow means no posture detected. You get an alert if the whole pie chart is red.

💡  Code and author

The code of PoseAlert.com is available on github and created by Peter László.